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Environmental Risk Report £151.20(inc. VAT)

Our Environmental Risk Report is designed to give you full detailed findings on your chosen property to give you peace of mind.

This cost-effective Home Risk Report avoids the need to purchase separate individual reports. This is a comprehensive residential environmental risk assessment that offers all the latest information on contaminated land, all four major flood risks, ground stability, radon, current and planned energy features and transportation, and 10 years of planning data on a property.

As well as detailed findings on a given property, it gives clear guidance as to whether any further assessment is required. The report covers a 250-500m radius of the property and includes any past landfill or industrial use. This comprehensive information is drawn from data and historical maps held by the Environment Agency, the Coal Authority, and the British Geological Society.

Your Environmental Risk Report includes:

  • A ‘Pass’ or ‘Further Assessment’ notification for future guidance
  • The most advanced historical land use database in the UK
  • Information on the likelihood of flooding
  • Radon exposure
  • Coal mining screening
  • Details of natural cavities and mining work
  • Natural ground subsidence assessment
  • Also, if you have previously purchased an Instant Risk Screening on the address you're purchasing this report on, you will receive a £10 discount upon checkout.


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