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Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) £79.95(inc. VAT)

It is a legal requirement that sellers of residential property and estate agents acting on their behalf, must provide prospective buyers with a valid EPC.

The EPC contains information about the property’s energy efficiency and includes details of its CO2 impact on the environment.

The property is awarded an energy efficiency rating based on the data collected by the Energy Assessor and the report produced will provide suggested future energy efficiency improvements the buyer can make.

Sellers of residential property in England & Wales, and the estate agents acting on their behalf in marketing the property, will also be required to provide prospective buyers with a copy of a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

This document forms a key part of the HIP and can only be produced by a qualified Domestic Energy Assessor. The EPC provides detailed analysis about the energy efficiency of the property, along with information about its CO2 impact. It also contains information regarding improvements and measures that could be taken to improve the energy efficiency of the property. The EPC contains coloured energy information graphs, rather like those found on the front of new fridges and other domestic appliances.

Domestic Energy Assessors will award the property an energy rating based on current energy performance together with the potential rating the property could achieve if it were to be improved to current best standards. More information about EPC graphs that you will find displayed on Rightmove by estate agents is given below.

Your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) includes:

  • A grade of A-G on how energy efficient your property is
  • How to improve the energy efficiency of your property
  • Helps you to make changes to benefit the environoment
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