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Regulated Local Authority Search £135.00(inc. VAT)

Simply viewing a property with an estate agent doesn’t give you a full insight and there may be certain things you won’t be able to see. During the conveyancing process, a full property search will be made to check if there is anything you need to be concerned about. From local authority plans, to an environmental search, to checking flood risks.

Commonly referred to as ‘searches’ these reports are an essential part of the conveyancing process.

These enquiries and in-depth investigation of the local authority records should uncover potential issues relating to roads, rail and building work that might be planned or already underway around and which could affect your new home.

Enquiries of the local authority look into:

  • Planning Permissions – granted or refused
  • Building control
  • Highways schemes – that may affect the property
  • Rail schemes – such as HS2 and the if the property is likely to be affected
  • Listed building status in
  • Is the property within a conservation area
  • Are there any tree preservation orders listed
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