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Homebuyer's Pack £299.00(inc. VAT)

The Homebuyer's Pack aims to provide buyers with comprehensive information about the property's legal aspects, and any potential environment risks. It contains a collection of essential searches to provide relevant details about the property, making the buying process smoother and more informed for both parties involved.

Homebuyer's Pack Contains:

  • Title Deeds or Title Information: Documents that prove the seller's legal ownership of the property. These can include the Land Registry Title Register and Title Plan.
  • Local Authority Searches: Information obtained from the local council about the property and its surroundings, including planning permissions, building regulations, proposed developments in the area, etc.
  • Drainage and Water - Water Supply: Information on the property's water supply, including the location of the mains water supply and whether there are any public sewers within the boundaries of the property. Drainage and Sewerage: Details about the property's connection to public sewers, any shared drains, or sewer adoption plans that might affect the property. It also includes information about surface water drainage and the presence of any drainage assets.
  • Environmental Report: An environmental report is a crucial component of due diligence when purchasing a property, it provides valuable information about potential environmental risks or issues that might affect the property and its surroundings. This critical information helps buyers assess the potential risks, liabilities, and impacts associated with a property's environmental conditions. It's a key part of due diligence that assists buyers in making informed decisions and mitigating potential risks before finalising a property purchase.
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